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Established in 1998 in İstanbul, Turkey; Maviyel Ambalaj is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter company.  Operating in the sector with different names between the years 1998-2004, our company gathered these names under a single name as “MAVİYEL” in 2005. Reconstructed as limited liability company in 2010 and as joint-stock company in 2015; Maviyel expanded and throve owing to its 21 years of production experience, R&D efforts, and the mechanization by paying the utmost care for the product quality, MAVIYEL is one of the leading companies in its sector in both Turkish and European markets. Currently operating in four different sectors such as packaging, printing, textile and promotion with its five companies; Maviyel’s predominant production sector is carrier bag and packaging industry. 

Regarded and known as the “Main Manufacturer Company” in the carrier bags sector in its broader sense, Maviyel, owes this status to its mechanization by following the production technology closely and giving the utmost importance to its product quality since its establishment. Manufacturing all of its goods in its in-house factories;  Maviyel’s top priority is maintaining its high standards of production quality and assuring fast delivery to its customers. During the recent years, with its investments and R&D activities, Maviyel has expanded its production capacity by 9 times, increasing its production to 160 million bags annually. Some of the investments that Maviyel made during 2019 involve full automatic ultrasonic bag making machines, flexo printing machines, laminating machines, dyeing machines and textile machines. Currently with its production platform and with its ample machine parkour with a total open area of 60.000 m2 and a total closed area of 15.000 m2; MAVIYEL AMBALAJ has the biggest production plant in Turkey in its predominant sector. 

Maviyel Ambalaj exports to tens of countries such as France, U.K, Germany, USA, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Israel and so on. With its latest investments, Maviyel aims to export to fifty countries in the short term. 


Maviyel, which holds the environment dear has ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Quality Certificate, pays utmost attention to ensure that its products are recyclable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Our company produces its products in two main categories as “natural products” and “long lasting” products. Our natural products are produced from 100% cotton, which can be mixed with soil in a short time, they are biodegradable in nature and totally ecofriendly. These products include, tote bags, fabric bags and other cloth packaging products made from 100% cotton woven fabrics such as natural cotton, gabardine and canvas. Besides, our long-lasting reusable products aim to reduce the consumption of plastic packaging (nylon bags and pouches etc.) and to minimise environmental pollution in this manner. Our products can be used for long periods such as six months to two years, depending on the usage and the type of the product. Our PP woven bags, laminated bags, non-woven bags, foldable bags and trolley bags are examples of this product range. 

All materials, dyes and inks used in our products comply with European standards and REACH criteria. Our company opts for Oeko-Tex certified materials when supplying the materials used for production. We also use GOTS certified (organic) materials in accordance with the customer preferences.

Maviyel Ambalaj proudly holds SEDEX, ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Quality Certificates.

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